i-mscp on VPS

  • I'm tryng to install i-mscp on webtropia.com VPS. The installation is succes, evrything going well until i not restart server/apache. After that all services down, vps not respond. From log i see vps bash script try to find/edit resolv.conf but not exsisted in etc anymore.

    How can i solve this issue?

  • I reinstalled multiple times (both vps and i-mscp too)

    Final result: First i saved the resolv.conf to my pc, than Installed i-mscp with bind9 After installation i copied saved resolv.conf on my server and overwrite the i-mscp realted resolv.conf. Than i deleted the symlinked resolv.conf from etc/ and copyed back from my pc.

    After rebooting working fine both. I dont nkno is this normal or not, but i tested ftp,mysql,mail and working ;)

    About the vps: on every system reboot want to overwrite the resolv.conf and writing same infromation every time, so i dont know why this necessary.... im not vps expert but i think unnecessary...

    I hope this not making malfunction in i-mscp

  • Same thing happens to my Strato virtual server (VPS)

    My solution for Strato vserver / VPS:
    - reboot in recovery mode
    - move /etc/resolv.conf to another location (e.g. /etc/resolv.conf.backup
    - create a new resolv.conf containing (works for my server):