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    Hi there,

    I am building an backup script and have a problem. After building an exclude information part for the find command and using it inside the command it is going to be escaping me my ' all the time. At the moment I could fix it using eval - but I would love to not use it. So my question is:

    How can I use a variable containing single quotes and paths inside another command as variable?

    Code part:

    In this command I build for each EXCLUDEPATHS this entry: -not -path '/home/ark/*'

    But this part is escaped in the command: -not -path '\''/home/ark/*'\''

    All in all I just need help with the last command ...

    Can someone help me please?

    Here is an optimized version of you script UncleSam

    Already replaced my script - big thx Starlight !

    (I hope this is ok for you!)

    Nuxwin he is talking about my script which is installing addons like APCu or Ioncube (see first post).


    I updated the script to match the new PhpSwitcher 5 version. One big change is, that the script is no longer compiling php versions. It is now only adding additional modules! So compile them on your own and read the readme :-)

    First of all sorry about the three posts but I want to tell you now what I found - maybe someone has still some ideas:

    After checking against a new system it seems that there is a symlink from /usr/lib/ssl/certs to /etc/ssl/certs.

    In my case the /usr/lib/ssl/certs folder is somehow mounted read only (filesystem) but i have no clue why. I tried to (re-)move it but was unable to. So ubuntu seems to first check this folder for the certificate files which strace tells me. And as it cannot find any cert in there it fails.

    Why this happens now ... I have no idea. Even why I cannot remove the folder.

    For me the only way to go is to move to a new server and transfer everything.

    Ok I found the problem:

    It seems like the SSL_CERT_DIR which specifies the path to the default trusted certificates is no longer set. At the moment I have no idea how to set it again, so if someone has an idea :-)

    At the moment if I do # export SSL_CERT_DIR=/etc/ssl/certs/ everything is working again - but only for the user which executed this command.

    Thx for your help. At the momenta I have no clue what happened. All I can say is, that every ssl connection is revoked with the message "unable to get issuer certificate".

    I would appreciate any help but all in all it has nothing to do with I-Mscp.

    Additional information so far:

    - openssl is fine

    - /etc/ssl/certs is fine

    If I try to connect to ssl it tells me the error every time. But if I specify /etc/ssl/certs as CApath it is working fine ... seems like a default path is broken ... I hope to find where to set it again.