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    Yes that is what I want, but I was not aware that someone could configure something like a loop like that... This is a nice to have feature which would be great if you need to add a lot of aliases. But please do not spend too much time on it. I thought it is something you could do in 10 minutes or something like that.

    Ok I tried what you said:

    - Changed my mail account from mail to mail+forward

    - Added onw forward address to the list called testaddress@domain.tld

    - Send a mail to testaddress@domain.tld

    - Got error (User unknown in virtual mailbox table)

    This is not a critical wish or something like that. I just wanted to know if I want to add 10 alias which should all be collected in one mail account if I need to add 10 email forward entries or if there could be something like a textbox at the user mail address like "aliases" where I can define all mail addresses which are going to be delivered in this account.

    Added APCu version 5.1.15

    Thx Speedy , I updated the main post.

    Hi there,

    at the moment you can add one e-mail address only. But it would be great to be able to add as much sub mail addresses as possible - only for receiving.

    e.g. I add user@domain.tld

    and also add:



    Found some time to do a new config file example. Uploaded it in the main thread. For me it seems to work but currently I am not sure if it is configured correct.

    If you familiar with rspamd please feel free to contact me if you have a better way/solution/...


    Is rspamd can use at i-mscp?

    This is not an addon/plugin which you can be configured using I-MSCP web interface or something like that. This how to just describing how you can setup and include rspamd in your existing I-MSCP environment.

    Hi there,

    my LetsEncrypt plugin was not updating some certificates. I only noticed it because the cert for i-mscp was outdated. I have no idea where to look for error messages or why this happened. At the moment I logged into the panel, disabled the plugin, reenabled it and did a force renew for services and panel.

    But at the moment I have no idea if all other certs are working at the moment. Can someone help me finding logs to see possible error messages?

    LetsEncrypt: 3.4.2

    I-MSCP: 1.5.3 (Ennio Morricone)

    Server OS: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

    Ok found the setting in ../php7.1/etc/php/conf.d/modules.ini - enabling it worked

    Is the a possibility to always enable som modules like tidy for all even on recompile using --auto-setup -i /opt/phpswitcher/.....? And how do I install additional modules?