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    Hi there,

    as we use i-mscp for internal development, there are many projects on it (many subdomains for each - one for each project). Now we have one problem - sometimes the mysql service "stops" because of the error: too many open files.

    I increased the limits in /etc/security/limits.conf but there is one problem.
    When logging in to the mysql server - then typing

    show global variables like 'open%';

    it shows me the following:

    mysql> show global variables like 'open%';
    | Variable_name | Value |
    | open_files_limit | 1024 |
    1 row in set (0.00 sec)

    I already tried so set another value in


    (with open_files_limit = 4096) but it didn´t help. Do I edit the wrong config file?

    Best regards

    Hi there,

    i tried to install i-mscp 1.2.12on a freshly installed Ubuntu 14.04 server.
    I´ve chosen php-fpm, mysql 5.7

    Installation process fails with the following message:

    iMSCP::File::get: Unable to open /etc/imscp/php-fpm/php-fpm.pool.default: No such file or directory
    Servers::httpd::apache_php_fpm::buildConfFile: Unable to read /etc/imscp/php-fpm/php-fpm.pool.default

    Any ideas?

    PHPversion used depends on the shopware project - actual its a PHP 5.6.17, I didn´t configure the fpm pool at first, tried to raise the child processes, didn´t work, apache version 2.4.16.

    The log now shows:

    Failed to read FastCGI header

    imscp version: 1.2.11
    php-version used: 5.6.17
    phpswitcher: 2.0.1
    opcache enabld/disabled - no impact
    apc not installed
    ioncube installed (v. 5.0.19)

    Hi there,

    I´ve opened a thread some days ago but as this one is marked as solved I have to open a new one. We´ve got some serious error with our development server.
    On the server there is one user with several subdomains (26 subdomains and 5 domain aliases). Today we deployed a shopware project and all of a sudden all shopware projects
    won´t work? The frontend is accessible but the backend won´t load. It loads about 60 seconds and then breaks. Anyone ever seen that?

    Today I changed from php-fcgi to php-fpm - no success :(

    Any ideas whats going wrong?

    Best regards