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    I think the problem is (and the problem with i-MSCP developing) Nuxwin try to (re)develop this system "alone". This should be a community project with 4-5 lead developers and more contributer developers... What I see i-MSCP dying slowly beacuse lot of good developer (who tried to contriubte this project) will going to find another hosting panel software.

    <3 i-MSCP but it would be unwise imho to keep using software with outdated dependencies.

    I'd love to witness (and help with) the i-MSCP reboot if/when it happens. We all know Nuxwin has full-time paid work and we can all understand it's important to make a living.

    Please let's stay in touch and make the community 'hibernate', so when our leader awakens his open source heart (and we're ready to support him), we can continue :)

    Dear community.

    PLease help me to set upload_max_filesize for webmail (roundcube) (now 20mb, i need much more)
    My server is running with Ubuntu 16.04Lts, Php7 and I-msp 1.3.16

    Where/how can i set

    In /var/www/fcgi there is no php.ini

    I setting up higher upload_max_filesize limit in:





    but there is no effect. I restarted imscp_panel, and apach2 too.

    On panel i didn't find any settings.

    Thanks the advices

    my problem is: last year was some full system down where i rent my vps. not just my vps, the entire (or part of) datacenter was dead.... i lost money because my customer can't use my site. This year i'm thinking rent vps from two separate company (one in the usa on in europe) and making slave server with i-mscp. resync can update only changes, so i'm not excepting too high traffic for "cloning". Otherwise i dont want to clone server just customer files...

    Possible to install i-mscp on 2nd server for using as failover server?

    What i thought:
    Install i-mscp on primery server
    install i-mscp on secondary server with slave bind
    copy zone files from server 1 to server 2 (…condary-Nameserver-Howto/)
    sync user files/mails/db with rsync

    Is this will working or not?

    What i would: If server 1 goes down, server 2 must be keep sites online instead of server1

    I have 1-2 specific site and i need high available system.

    Thanks answers, tips, tutorials :D

    I reinstalled multiple times (both vps and i-mscp too)

    Final result: First i saved the resolv.conf to my pc, than Installed i-mscp with bind9 After installation i copied saved resolv.conf on my server and overwrite the i-mscp realted resolv.conf. Than i deleted the symlinked resolv.conf from etc/ and copyed back from my pc.

    After rebooting working fine both. I dont nkno is this normal or not, but i tested ftp,mysql,mail and working ;)

    About the vps: on every system reboot want to overwrite the resolv.conf and writing same infromation every time, so i dont know why this necessary.... im not vps expert but i think unnecessary...

    I hope this not making malfunction in i-mscp

    I'm tryng to install i-mscp on VPS. The installation is succes, evrything going well until i not restart server/apache. After that all services down, vps not respond. From log i see vps bash script try to find/edit resolv.conf but not exsisted in etc anymore.

    How can i solve this issue?