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    Private Key and Certificate for sure. Intermediate if not already in trust from vendor.

    I have read a little about LetsEncrypt and Javastore trust from this site,…lets-encrypt-certificates , for your info.

    When I have to issue myself, I must use private key, certificate and Intermediate on first instance (lets say when I issue for Openfire), then after that, only private key and certificate when I issue for Subsonic as Intermediate is already in javastore.

    That is why I stated if not viable to implement, it wouldn't hurt my feelings. It sounds tricky to me with the variables involved and a lot of work, which you all work a lot as is ...

    Even if one can export easily from user panel, one still has to use terminal to import cert for Subsonic, but it would save a few steps in the process. Openfire has GUI in admin console for ssl, so that is quite easy for the newbie ... These are the only non apache apps I have ever used.

    It would be nice to have an option to convert/export ssl keys to PKCS12 (and other common formats) for easy use for javastore apps from LetsEncrypt panel page. I have a couple that I issue ssl to to my personal services. Openfire and Subsonic music streamer just to mention them. I know it is easy to generate what one needs for these particular scenarios in the terminal with the keys shown under Domain | Manage SSL certificate, but I am thinking of customers that may not have the knowledge to pull it off and not leave it to the server owner/admin. It will save time and manual intervention for the server owner, especially if they have lots of users/customers with that particular need. It would make issuing new certs every 3 months easier to non apache/nginx apps. Just a suggestion.

    Lucky for me, I only host my stuff and just a couple for friends and family, so my heart would not be broken if this is not viable as I am the only one on my server with that kind of need and I have done it manually for years anyway. Doing it 4 times a year will not hurt me too much ... HAHA 8|

    Many Thanks to you all ... :D

    I do not know German, so maybe this can be translated if required. I google translated this thread and think I know what is being asked

    I noticed owncloud and decided to check and see if I can help. I have used owncloud (now I use Nextcloud, forked from owncloud and all the best and original developers have moved to nextcloud) since its release years ago.

    From what I gathered by translating this via google, is you cannot ssh and have issues with occ commands.

    The only problems I ever experienced using ssh is that your ssh user is not in the same group for owncloud installation.
    Out of the box, the i-mscp ssh plugin works for me logging into and maintaining occ from command line without issue.

    I would double check your ssh user has correct ownership rights.

    Bulli is correct when saying the web gui update is an easy and hassle free way to go, but I understand wanting the command line thing going. I started on computers before anyone could even spell GUI ...I am telling my age now

    Viel Glück (Google says that means Good Luck in case it lied to me :P )

    System Details:
    Debian 8.6
    PHP 5.6.27 - PHP-FPM
    i-MSCP 1.3.7
    Build: 20161021
    Codename: Horner

    All updates current to system, i-mscp and all plugins except for php switcher and whmcs ...

    Under 'Users' - 'Domains' - 'Overview' - 'Manage SSL Certificate'

    When enabling HSTS, I try to disable HSTS includeSubDomains directive by clicking and highlighting No, click on update at bottom of page. I get a success message. When I go back in to verify status, the Yes is still highlighted and the SubDomain directive stays enabled. No matter how many times I try this, it does not disable. I do know that I used this option in i-MSCP version 1.3.6 with no issues. (Nextcloud complains when SubDomains directive option is enabled is why I even use this anyway, doesn't stop my cloud from running anyway).

    I have looked through my logs are see no errors or anything that would shed a light on the problem.

    I looked though the forums and bug tracker and didn't see anything related to this situation, so I apologize if this is posted somewhere as my search came up fruitless.

    I must add, as I often like to, that i-MSCP is the best control panel I have used and my system runs so smooth. I rarely run into problems, unless I broke it, and even then, so simple to restore. My errors logs are so clean it is crazy .... Keep up the great work ..

    Thanks as always ... :D

    It would be nice to be allowed to enable and set a date range for retention and automatic deletion of users spam folder. Enabled for users at admin level with control at the end user level so they can decide to enable and choose date range.

    Thank you and Keep up the great work ... :)