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    To chime in on this, I too cannot run any scripts from cgi-bin. I tried some older ones I had and then used a test script. I get error 500 page and "End of script output before headers:" in error log. I run this script from command prompt and works according. Just a little script to say "It works" .. With my older scripts, a counter, I would get the same error in log. I have a user (my father which I maintain his site) that has used this script for years and when I started using i-MSCP is when it would no longer run. IMHO, perl scripts are old school so I just used a different solution and forgot all about it until I saw this post. Thought maybe I could help out a bit.

    Thank you and have a great day ...

    Debian 8.6
    i-MSCP 1.3.10 Horner

    I am glad to hear ... Backups are the best ... I like to help out when I can.

    Now you should get some plugin action going. Really expands i-MSCP.

    LetsEncrypt is the bomb. By far my favorite plugin and plus, no more ssl fees every year and it works at the push of a button ....

    Good luck and have a good one. It is late and I am going to hit the rack now ... Peace

    Yes it needs new passwords because encryption method has been changed so it will ask again.
    This is directly from the errata data here

    Database password (i-MSCP Master SQL user password)
    Because i-MSCP now uses the AES-256 (Rijndael) algorithm in CBC mode to encrypt data (was Blowfish in CBC mode previously), the database keys file will be automagically regenerated and you'll be asked again for the SQL data.

    Even if you do a complete reinstall, from my previous experience, nothing gets lost when a complete install is performed over existing installation.

    There was changes in the encryption, so passwords needed to be redone. It is normal for certain questions to be asked again on this upgrade from 1.3.8. It is super important to read errata data prior to your install/upgrade. Certain plugins should be deactivated which is stated in errata data. It should update all good. Backups are a must prior to any update in case you need to restore and start again.

    I may have misinterpreted your post, but I can have a cronjob created with exact parameters with the exception of the 10th. It was just dumb luck I chose the 10th to run cron for simple php script to update geoip info that an update is usually posted between the 3rd and 6th days of the month ... As stated at beginning of post, I did try several other days that worked and even tried the 20th and 30th to see if it was the trailing zero causing errors. Every date I tried worked except the 10th. This is no issue that is stopping anything. Just thought I would ask to see if anyone else had troubles with creating a cronjob on the 10th day of the month ...

    Many Thanx ...