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    in htdocs folder I created folder Sitev1
    in same folder I created folders Files (here have imagas, flash movies, or some other files, who is used in website who is in folder Sitev1) and Sitev2 (where I am installed upper version of Joomla, and work on new website)

    In backup archive in folder htdocs have only folder Sitev1

    For this problem maybe I must say what is a network structure on fiscal machine.

    The Server is in office in back side of router. The webpage can access because in router i made NAT option for router IP. Everything's with client webpages work correctly, but access to admin panel on mscp can be use only into office.

    If I am out of office and I want to go in into admin panel, web browser say that this page is not there.

    I'm sorry for bad English.

    The backup work, but don't archive everything in domain, only sql database and main website, if have other folder additional created he are not go in backup.

    Sorry for bad English!

    I don't sure that this is right place for my question, and if is not sorry me...

    Sometimes we have need to install two Joomlas, or wordpess on one domain, but when I install one software, but ones installed app, you can only remove...

    This is valid and so for subdomain..., can't install same app on subdomain if already is installed on domain.

    I am with 1.2.9. i have and another 2 problems.

    If you tell that app installer will be changed, this will give me chance to download joomla from official site on joomla, or other software? If will be very helpful.

    I have another two problems.
    1. on one domain I can't use more from one joomla? Sometimes I must make some test or make sites, with 2 sites in one domain, or u have virtual domain.
    2. Now can't make full backup, on domain! no backup all folders in domeins!