Joomla (3.3.6) for I-MSCP

  • In 1.3.x we replaced the software installer with aps standard. If all work fine we'll release the new version in some weeks.

  • I am with 1.2.9. i have and another 2 problems.

    If you tell that app installer will be changed, this will give me chance to download joomla from official site on joomla, or other software? If will be very helpful.

    I have another two problems.
    1. on one domain I can't use more from one joomla? Sometimes I must make some test or make sites, with 2 sites in one domain, or u have virtual domain.
    2. Now can't make full backup, on domain! no backup all folders in domeins!

  • For each problem please create an own thread.

  • @Lubaka

    • Yes, with APS standard, you'll be able to install Joomla package (as provided in the APS standard catalog). You'll be also able to register on parallel and push your own package if you want create some...
    • Current software installer doesn't allow multiple software instances.... This is really a bad thing. This will be solved with 1.3.x version (APS standard).
    • For the backup problem, please create another thread and provide us sufficient information.