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    Hello, I'm sorry if I don't write in right place, but I want I ask how to activate option!
    I go in admin panel and on every website I mark "YES" on option Can edit the PHP allow_url_fopen configuration option in PHP Setting on domain edit menu, but in my installed website with Joomla, in Joomla admin panel continues to say:

    • The PHP allow_url_fopen setting is disabled. This setting must be enabled for the updater to work.

    My internet provider was close port 143., now is open.
    Now when open Outlook Express and try install the mailbox have other problem - Outlook tell: Login: ok, send mail: failed. This is when u input account, and can't continue to finish.

    It can have something with A records for Imap?
    for example:
    The website is on my server, but domain is registered on and redirected to my server ip, so soon we make and records for mails or i think so.

    Now when create a mail on I-mscp in web form and pop3 works. Send and receive messages.
    But the customer want to use Imap.
    When I look in internet the settings on client must
    domain name (
    But didn't work.
    Is possible to must make other record for imap to my Ip? Or problem is other?

    I now that i continiue with stupid questuions, but,
    Can I look somewhere what I wrote for FQDN?
    I write in putty hostname --fqdn
    and i have