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    Sorry but my I don't understanding, it's my first way for me!
    My test domain is "" I want create subdomain "test"

    I think that must be something this:

    When I click on "add custom DNS record"

    Domain: here is
    type: A
    Class: IN
    Name: Here what I must wrote? or only test
    IP address: Here is "my ïnternet Static IP"

    When I create subdomain:
    shared mount point: Yes or No

    I tryed All that is remembered, but my knowledge is too small may be...

    Hi guys..., I am new here and I don't know if my question is for here...

    I' am new and in linux systems for this please do not laugh very..

    I install on my pc debian 7 wheezy
    I updated and now is 7.3

    From YouTube I look how to install I-mscp

    I install i-mscp 1.1.0-rc4.7

    All my domains work, all sites, and mail who i create with i-mscp work, so and ftp and Ajax and external client! For now all these thinks work.

    I have problem only with sub-domains.

    I know that sub-domain must be, however when i create sub-domain and nothing happened.

    I look that have new directory when i login with ftp, and i look the default files who i-mscp create with new domain, but in browser no load page, or tell that can not find the page...

    After all other work I am sure that I must do something, who I don't know what is!

    I'm sorry for my bad English and if some these who read this I hope understand me and try to help me with this who I must do...