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    After Update on I-mscp appear new problem.
    Website is online, the Files is there, but access to them no have.

    Now u can look the picture, and please help me.


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    Yes, I remember this, but now with manual install I was little confused for appinstaller, I don't know.., the thinks changed sometimes... noting more of curiosity...

    Thanks for help, and sorry if u feeling sad with me...

    this can close!

    Hello, I want to ask two thinks...
    1. Do you I can make ftp lookable for everyone from some domain created in i-mscp, or only under website.
    2. What happen with i-mscp 3.0?

    Hi guys, I am sorry that i must write again, maybe the problem is created by me, but I don't know.

    Already I tell in other post that i make upgrade on my server., I installed new OS Debian 8 and named it domain with my website domain. After this I install i-mscp so named and continue with back all websites.
    The problem that has arisen is with my website. Every other website can login in own ftp or own datebase, but in my website, when I want to login in ftp the website tell that can't find this ftp user or datebase, when try to load my website in address bar on some browser telling that the webpage is forbidden!

    Thanks for help and sorry for bad English.

    Hi all, now I am ready to give you report for this what happen this day with the my server....

    1. I bought new hdd.
    2. downloaded all information from all websites totally manual.
    2.1. download with CuteFTP information from ftp for every websites
    2.2. export database from every website trough PhpMyAdmin (pma in i-mscp)
    3. I installed debian 8 on new hdd and after this instal I-mscp 1.29
    4. Created a new re-sellers and customers for recovering on the websites.
    5. Trough CuteFTP I back the files for every website.
    6. Import database back in pma for every website trough pma.

    Why 2.1 and 2.2.. - because, when I use database for website from backup who is made from I-mscp on screen print error, when I export manually no have error.
    It is same for files in backup.., in backup no have all files for domain.

    I can't find option for backup on i-mscp itself
    in other case I am stated for every customers to backup domain.

    I notice that, when you use login in right part on i-mscp control panel in database or ftp, open the new tab and thinking many time, but if you close this tab and click on PhpMyAdmin in left side or Filemanager will load PhpMyAdmin or Filemenager in new tab immediately.