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    I want to install difirent joomla from this who have in appinstall in i-mscp, now i - update i-mscp to 1.1.5, but this problem still is have...

    When I try to install some software whatever is "for example joomla 2.14 /2.19 / joomla 3.0" i recieve message: Your package is corrupt. Please correct it!

    What must to do?

    I don't know good english for this sorry if I don't write correct somewhere, please sorry.

    U right, in my first post in this theme i wrote

    1. what is problem with joomla install components (joomla app)
    2. what is problem with errors when displey page in browser
    3. what is problem with error when install software in i-mscp panel

    ---> all this have in my first post.
    for 1. and 2. i received answer.
    For 3 I wait to moment this have some solve.

    don't be confuse, read again first post and will look all is alright.

    First of all, correct your Joomla Configuration (log and temp folder). That was the cause of "Can't move file" while installing new package

    This is done primarily by long!!!

    Try to log in your i-mscp panel so "admin" and go in "Setting" from left pane select "Software managment", after load look first table in content -> "Software upload", try to install some software, the I-mscp want software to be in archive "tar.gz".

    Thanks for hint.
    Now how to install Joomla 3.2.1?

    When file is uploaded, the page must be refreshed. After refresh in top have notice: "Your package is corrupt. Please correct it!"

    Ok, thanks, verry verry much..., already I think that file with database is go to haven.
    In this forum have a positive vote for helper, if have one from me for u.

    in "PHP Setting"
    Error reporting = do not show any errors
    Display errors = no

    Now remains a task with installapp in i-mscp
    for example I want to install Joomla 3.2.1

    Hi boys, sorry for notice my problem, but on me must help..., hmmm, sory and for my bad English...

    So I post in my previous post i'm not good in linux, for this do not laugh me please or do not too much!

    And now for the problems..

    When I installed the panel I make domain and databese of my old sites. I upload files in relevant directory and this for site databases. And here everything was went well. All Sites work.

    Now i must install in some joomla component in one of my sites, but joomla instalator get error - "Can't move file"
    Installed in diferent directory joomla from i-mscp panel and the install was successfull, ok, i can copy old files into instalation of i-mscp joomla, but this don't happen, or u can look image 1. In first time i thinked that this can be so because the joomla instalation is difrerent version.

    After this and whatever i do, the page look strangely.

    From admin panel of i-mscp i try to install same joomla, so i used tar.gz - The file was uploaded, but not installed - notice ot the page "File is corrupt", i tryed other version, and same notice. From where I must get software for I-mscp, in case joomla.

    Sory if my post is not for here!


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