proftpd problem

  • Hello,

    I'm having problems with FTP server imscp (proftpd). I often get the following error when sending files and transfer is super slow:

    Commande : PASV
    Réponse : 227 Entering Passive Mode (ip-server,128,199).
    Commande : STOR index.html
    Erreur : Connection interrompue après 20 secondes d'inactivité
    Erreur : Échec du transfert du fichier
    Statut : Résolution de l'adresse de
    Statut : Connexion à ip_server:21..

    Do you have a solution to my problem?
    I do not understand, because the idle value is set to 120 s

    thank you in advance.

  • One easy test, clear any iptables rules, and did a transfert test.

    If it succeed, something is wrong with some of your rules, if not, there is something else.

    If this is working when IPtables is cleared, if you want our help, we will need your set of rules (and this thread will be moved as not related to i-MSCP, but I prefer to be sure that this isn't related to it our software).

  • Try without SSL and tell us if it's working fine then..

  • Okay, thank you I'll watch that.
    It's strange that it happens sometimes.