External Mail Server

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    I'm currently using the (hmmm sounds I'm going to upgrade it to
    I have two servers installed : one with Google Apps defined as default (manually changed the dns templates + set no mail accounts on the hosting plans) and the other one using normal mail system).

    I'm testing the beta1 of 1.1.0 and see in the hosting plan "external mail server".
    I'm curious and highly interested in the possibility to manage one server and to choose a plan with external mail server and a plan with the internal one instead of managing two servers... But I don't have any idea how to use this feature.

    I found this thread in the forum after a search : http://forum.i-mscp.net/Thread…mailserver-with-backup-MX but i'ts more related to manual changes like I made on the actual servers than the usage of the new feature.

    Any idea where to find the userguide to test this feature ?

    Kind regards

  • External Mailservers are only aviable from 1.1.0 +

    I'm effectively talking about version 1.1.0Beta1

    Just have to wait information from the dev :)
    Caus' as it's on hosting plan level, it couldn't involve manual changes in the dns template...

    .... I have an idea... let me check....

    No wrong idea.
    I thought maybe with the option "external mail" checked, there won't be the mx defined and you have to add a personalised DNS Record with the correct MX...
    So I've created a test domain on the plan with the option External Mail server and the MX record value 10 is set on the local server :(

    So... let's wait a dev :)

  • At first..
    Where did you configure you domain?
    On an external DNS or with i-MSCP itself?

    If you use an external DNS you don't need only a symbolic entry.. Set it to you local server.
    Otherwise you have to add the correct entries for the external server!
    Because the relaying domain works with the removing of the domain from the file "/etc/postfix/imscp/domains" and by adding an entry to file file "/etc/postfix/imscp/relay_domains"

  • At this time, what I need, is the opportunity to permit my customers to choose between internal mail system or Google Apps.
    The only solution I found is to have two servers, one with dns_tpl modified and one normal.
    The only boring situation is when a customer changes his idea...
    Needed to move the site :(
    So when I saw the option called external mail, I've just imagined ok, let's see.
    You choose external mail and then :

    • no mail accounts defined locally
    • no reference about this domain in the config of the internal mail system
    • no mx record predefined
    • mandatory to define other mx records (like the one of google)

    Regarding your answer, TheCry, if I understood, it means this option is good to act as a secondary MX server ? Not for using another one like Google Apps ?

    When you ask where I've defined the domain ? Well, on the server it self.
    Using and independant dns server could be a solution... just the hassle of manual add an entry everytime a user wants a subdomain....

    As I'm good undestanding, I'm going to have to keep two separate server.. One for Google Apps and one for internal mail, right ?


  • Regarding your answer, TheCry, if I understood, it means this option is good to act as a secondary MX server ? Not for using another one like Google Apps ?

    No... It's good for hosted exchange or you want to move one domain to another mail provider.
    I don't know anything about Google Apps.

    I use my domain with hosted exchange on a gearman mail provider. This mail provider gave me some MX entries which i have to change. But i have an external DNS server and i use not the implemented solution of i-MSCP. But on the server you must use this feature, because every other domain on this server which sends you an email will be delievered locally if you didn't use this.
    So... If you have an external DNS provider you should mnake your MX entries on this platform and activate this feature with a dummy entry.
    If you are using the implemented DNS solution of i-MSCP you have to insert every MX entry on i-MSCP