Back to use Local mail server (dissabling External mail server feature)

  • Hi,

    For a while I was using Google Apps services for Emails. For this I've enabled External Mail server and Custorm DNS for my Domain in Imscp. Now, since our server is in a Datacenter, I wanted to set the email server locally back. I've disabled External Email Server (but leave Custom DNS on).

    When I try to send and Email, I always have this response (looking at Postfix logs):

    status=bounced (mail for loops back to myself)

    NOTE: is my domain.

    Also noticed that any MX records missing in (bind), so I've added by hand, still emails not working (those records are missing because I've enabled Custom DNS for this Domain?).

    Any idea how to fix this?

    Thanks in Advance.

  • You need to remove your custom MX record, the default MX record will be automatically recreated.
    Also, if you use an external DNS service, so change the MX record there also to your i-MSCP server instead the old external mailserver. There you probably need to change/create two records:

    mail.domain.tld. IN A imscp.server.ip.address
    domain.tld. IN MX 10 mail.domain.tld.

  • Hi!,

    Solved, but not like you say (for the DNS, since I use some custom ns. records, I added by hand the MX and TX records. Also, disabling Custom DNS didn't bring back default records like you said, which was my first choice). The problem was with these postfix files:

    /etc/postfix/imscp/domains and/etc/postfix/imscp/relay_domains

    So, my domain was not in domains but in relay_domains (I guess this settings is applied when you select External mail server). Fixed by hand and now works... but I guess in next imscp upgrade this will be overwritten, right? So, where I should change this in Imscp?