Install piwik instead of awstats

  • Hi, I am trying to install piwik and use it instead of awstats.
    Since version 1.8 piwik is capable to analyse apache logs, to it's no longer needed to use javascript to track the visitors.

    This is the current status of this:

    • showing piwik instead of awsats when you go to
    • will be the generic piwik url
    • get accepted the patch into piwik to allow domain autocreation from command line (--log-hostname)
    • allow the selection of piwik instead of awstats in the installer
    • create and populate the database for piwik


    • replace awstats for piwik in the crontabs
    • automate import old logs into the piwik database
    • create the users into piwik database and associate the domains into it
    • autologin the users into piwik this seems quite easy

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  • I am creating an install process, soon will have the results. The best part is that we will be able to drop awstats, that these days looks so old.

  • Updated the first post with current status.

  • This looks awsome :)
    Do you have updates about it?

  • I've been on holiday for some time, and haven't had the time to look at this again, as soon as I can I will report what I have done.