policyd-weight: Email DNS blacklist AHBL was shut down - Probably no email delivery

  • You can remove line 4 and the "," at the end of the line 3.

    Then your Code show like this

    1. ## RHSBL settings
    2. @rhsbl_score = (
    3. 'multi.surbl.org', 4, 0, 'SURBL'
    4. );
  • Hello,

    i have a Debian Wheezy System with Greylisting and Policyd-Weight but i have no:

    So i can´t remove this lines but i also get this logs and mails are blocked.

    What can i do?


  • policyd-weight is searches for configuration files on following locations:


    Can you find the "policyd-weight.conf" in one of these directorys?

  • grep -ir ahbl.org /

    will find any files containing "abhl.org" for you in / (might take some time) ...

  • Hello ;

    I'll remove policyd-weight in next release ( also postgrey ). Too many users complaining about those tools. If an admin want them, he will have to install them itself

    I think, removing policyd-weight isssent a good idea. It would be better to make optional, like Dovecote and Courier etc.
    A blank MailServer without spam (policyd-weight, postscreen etc.) protection is Crazy.

  • Re;

    Adding support for both, postgrey and policyd-weight can be done in 5 minutes using the following listener file:


    Should I show you how to do ?