policyd-weight: Email DNS blacklist AHBL was shut down - Probably no email delivery

  • To be honest: That would be really nice. I can't figure it out right now on my own.

  • Hello,
    i run today into the same problem with an email which was assign as spam from ahbl and found this thread. in my opinion i-mscp should not run without spam protection e.g. policy-weight. i think in this case its enough to correct the configuration in next maintenance version. to leaf i-mscp without no spam-control would be a bad situation for i-mscp. think about people who installed i-mscp who want to use an easy to use and selfexplaining panel. if you remove pw, the system whould be out of the box unprotected against spam and those people who use this panel would run into trouble until they found a solution. what i mean is that some people are not pro's to have knowledge about any part of i-mscp (webserver, mail, ftp, ...) and these people want to use an easy to install and use system - what i like. so please distribute i-mscp with the best and secure configuration as possible, but not with an setup which got the less trouble so each one have to check all configuration files for himself.

  • @Sunghost

    i-MSCP is not for noobs ;) Any administrator should be able to install a listener file for i-MSCP or a plugin such as the SpamAssassin plugin.

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