• Also for me :) Don't know why they destroyed the configs :D

  • When you install ClamAV as Plugin, one more feature would be nice:

    Actually we use for Virus Scan of our Webservers a Bash Script which was written by my person:…utz-debian-ubuntu-server/

    At this you only add a Cronjob to crontab -e which start this script one time a day. It Scans the Mail directory and the /var/www/virtual directory for Viruses, Hacked Websites, ... and after this it sends an E-Mail with the SCAN Log to our Support. Then the Support can check the problems to fix it. This Script would be perfect to extend the ClamAV Plugin.

    1 more point in configuration menu -> ClamAV and in this point the options:

    Scan Web Folders of customers -> Yes/No
    Delet founded Viruses -> Yes/No
    Scan Mail Folders of customers -> Yes/No
    Delet founded Viruses -> Yes/No
    Send information about founded Viruses to administrator E-Mail -> Yes/No
    At what time should the Scan starts -> Every day at ... o'Clock

    This configuration you can extend with more and more configuration features :) Such a Plugin has no other Webspace Management Tool and this is nice because how much old Joomla or Wordpress Websites are hacked in the past and sends SPAM E-Mails... Or are hacked to infiltrate other Website Users. We found in the past with our ClamAV Scan Script much customers which had viruses on their websites. Think on it :)

  • i-MSCP ClamAV plugin version 1.0.0 has just been released.

    Compatible with i-MSCP version >= 1.1.22 for the 1.1.x serie or >= 1.2.1 for the 1.2.x serie ( Plugin API >= 0.2.16 )


    • Changed: Usage of postconf to edit Postfix configuration parameters
    • Fixed: CS issues
    • Fixed: Unable to restart clamav-milter ( Caused by the i-MSCP daemon - fixed in i-MSCP Core )
    • Updated: License headers for new year


  • I've updated to imscp 1.2.3 but the clamav plugin doesn't work:
    If I try to install it I receive the following error:

    The ClamAV plugin version 1.0.0 is not compatible with your i-MSCP version.

    Can you help me?

  • @Helix

    You must update the ClamAV plugin to version 1.1.0 ( ClamAV )

    The 1.0.0 version is not compatible with i-MSCP version 1.2.3