• Mailgraph plugin (last version available is our plugin store is not compatible). We disabled the newest version due to a bug.

    For the clamAV plugin, you did surely previously download the wrong version. Try again.

    BTW: One post per problem and I'l would recommend to calm down with all your ---> ! ! ! ! !


  • "The ClamAV plugin version 1.0.0 is not compatible with your i-MSCP version."

    if you open the file clamAV.php ...I think there are lots of code rows that left!!!

    See please!

  • @Helix

    Do you know better than us own code a plugin for i-MSCP?


    Nothing bad here.

    BTW: This is the last time: Stop with all your exclamation marks. If you're nervous, go ahead.


  • I'm not nervous absolutely. I'm trying to find a solution. Is not my idea to offend you. Absolutely. I've seen lthe previous version of the plugin and after the class

    "class iMSCP_Plugin_ClamAV extends iMSCP_Plugin_Action"

    there is a lot of code. So i suppose that in the file's update something was missed.

  • @Helix

    In order, try the following:

    • Restart the imscp_panel service ( # service imscp_panel restart )
    • Try to upload the ClamAV plugin archive again through the plugin interface
    • Try also to click on update plugin list button.


  • Hi @Nuxwin,
    could you please check the links provided in the Plugin Store regarding ClamAV ?

    I mean:
    If you click the upper right button in order to download the plugin, the downloaded files is :
    but version in info.php says 1.0.0 (date : 2015-02-05)

    If you click on Version 1.1.1 here :…/File/13-ClamAV/#versions
    the downloaded file is :
    but version in info.php says 1.1.0 and not 1.1.1 (date : 2015-06-03)

    It would be nice if you could check that, so we can also be sure that what we are downloading is in effect what expected

    Thank you very much,
    bye Kess.

  • @kess

    Should be fixed now. Can you look again?


  • @Nuxwin
    The download link provided with the button is now the same as the link provided by the version 1.1.1.

    When opening info.php the version declared inside is still 1.1.0 and not 1.1.1

    I'm sure it's not a blocking issue and it's just a typo :-)

    Thank you for your work :-)