Clamav didn't install

  • Hello,
    I have this problem, when I want to install Clamav.

    Plugin::ClamAV::_configureClamavUnofficialSigs: sh: 1: not found
    The i-mscp is 1.5.1.

    Could someone help me, please?

    I wanted to deinstall it, it didn't work.


  • @rr10111101

    You did surely something wrong on your system because the script is part of the plugin.
    Furthermore, You don't provide us with all required information. What is the version of the i-MSCP ClamAV plugin you intend to install?

    Right now, you can try the folllowing:

    1. cp /var/www/imscp/gui/plugin/ClamAV/clamav-unofficial-sigs/ /usr/local/bin/
    2. chown root.staff /usr/local/bin/
    3. chmod 0755 /usr/local/bin/

    Once done retry.


  • Thanks, this was it.

    You're welcome.
    Thread closed.