Current status

  • Hey! :)

    So... What's the current status of I-MSCP? Is a new version still upcoming, is the project still under developpment and/or maintenance, or what...?

    Nuxwin ?

  • On my side, I'm gonna wait until end of march, if nothing pop here (a statement at least), I think that will be a necessity by then.

    Debian 10 LTS support ending on June 2024, that'll let me 3 months to get on something else (not Keyshit, don't like the way it's managed).

    One of it's last statement (from Nuxwin) was that he found a few people to work on this project, but as we didn't hear back anything about this, I'm pretty unsure where we are on this ATM :(

  • I decided for me to not invest any more energy into this, the last time was just not worth it and unnecessarily extended the unavoidable death of the software. I will migrate to something other like mail-in-a-box , mailcow or so and some and hand crafted container for bit of webstuff I run.

  • As I know some (most) people don't follow on FaceBook, I'm in a great hope to see a new release in the upcoming months (1.5.4x) with a lot of included features like PhpSwitcher (from PHP5.6 to 8.3) and maybe even Let'sEncrypt (not stated clearly, but could be).

    Of course, it'll support up to Debian 12 and Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

    Debian release up to 9.x included, up to (also) Ubuntu 18.04, and all Devuan variants will be dropped for this next release.

    Most of those informations are less than 4 days old, stay tunned !