Bug - autoresponder for forwarded emails

  • The autoresponder should be deactivated for forwarded email accounts.

    A customer has forwarded 10 email accounts to an internal account which is set as forwarding and standard account with a forwarding to Gmail. He has activated the autoresponder for all of the 10 redirects and also for the target account.

    Chaos ... give it a try!

  • I think that disabling autoresponder for forwarded e-mail accounts will open new issues.

    Example: I have multiple e-mail accounts forwarding e-mails to a second e-mail account. The second e-mail account is like a read only or archive account and not accessible by the "normal" people, to prevent deleting or manipulating e-mails on the wrong account.

    They are all working on the first e-mail account (with forwarder) and do enable/disable the autoresponder accordingly on this account.

    I would have a chat with this customer, to prevent such chaos in future;) For this kind of problem there is the possibility to enclose only a small number of destination e-mail addresses in the vacation extension in Roundcube :shy: In my opinion, this is a misuse of the tool by the customer rather than a technical problem:saint: