Editar Registro DNS del panel.my-myscp.net

  • Buenos dias.

    Estoy generando un certificado SSL desde AWS para obtener un certificado oficial y colocarlo en la url del panel. ej:


    Para obtener el certificado, AWS realiza una validacion por DNS la cual consiste en crear un registro CNAME (para la zona panel.my-imscp.net con un valor que ellos me indican.

    Pero no puedo editar la zona (.db) ya que el archivo se encuentra en binario. Dure mucho tiempo en la 1.3.X y ahorita estoy en la 1.5.3 viendo cosas nuevas.


  • Hi.

    Because my domain panel.my-imscp.net is not domain create on panel.

    only use how domain for hosting.

  • but you may want to handle a text editor .. sometime to use CMANE if you compile the DNS you get an error, or if you want to put a type A record to www ..

    Listener causes an error, that is why it is better to be able to choose the 2 options with the editor of the dns area without compiling and with the listener in the panel, they are fully compatible.

  • You point your domain like this:

    - Name: @, domain: my-imscp-domain.net, Type: A, value:

    - Name www, domain: my-imscp-domain.net, Type: CNAME, value: my-imscp-domain.net.

    This is the way you should do it, AND IT WORKS, using it on all of my servers

  • no

    if you put a type A record to www you get an error,

    Many providers require a CNAME and a www type A record in order to create a certificate ...

    And this is not possible with compiled dns zone .. it is only possible if you have an editor


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  • The best option is not to compile the DNS zone (Raw) so that you can manage the listener and editor for situations that require something special that you want to manually put in the zone.

    I think that .. it is not a rule ... but for me it is more comfortable and allows me to cover some listener problems