Error deleting mail accounts

  • Hi,

    I have a problem deleting some mail accounts: When I try to delete one of the affected accounts the panel hangs and I finally get this error report by mail:

    This seems to be a known issue in Version 2.0.1 of the SpamAssassin PlugIn that will be fixed in a future release as mentioned here:

    Is there a workaround to delete these mail accounts or is there a new (beta) Version of the Plug-Insomewhere out there that resolves this issue?

    Thanks in advance


  • Code
    1. (Errcode: 28 - No space left on device)

    Are you sure that you have enough free space on your server ?

    Are you sure that you didn't reach the inode limits ?

  • No, I don't think, that this is a problem of free disk space as you can see here:

    And since the changelog of the (unreleased) Versiopn 2.1.0 of the SpamAssassin Plug-In mentions this as know bug and provides a fix for this case (see screenshot), I think I'm affected of this problem. Does anyone knows, if I could somehow use the Github Version of the Plug-In on Debian 9 without breaking anything? Or is there any other solution?


  • For the records: The cause of the problems are the SQL statements that delete the data in the bayes_tokens and bayes_seen tables of the spamassassin database. I manually edited the plugin code and replaced the SQL commands with those I found in the beta version and left the rest of the plugin untouched. This solved the problem.

    Thanks for your support.