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    No, I don't think, that this is a problem of free disk space as you can see here:

    And since the changelog of the (unreleased) Versiopn 2.1.0 of the SpamAssassin Plug-In mentions this as know bug and provides a fix for this case (see screenshot), I think I'm affected of this problem. Does anyone knows, if I could somehow use the Github Version of the Plug-In on Debian 9 without breaking anything? Or is there any other solution?



    I have a problem deleting some mail accounts: When I try to delete one of the affected accounts the panel hangs and I finally get this error report by mail:

    This seems to be a known issue in Version 2.0.1 of the SpamAssassin PlugIn that will be fixed in a future release as mentioned here:

    Is there a workaround to delete these mail accounts or is there a new (beta) Version of the Plug-Insomewhere out there that resolves this issue?

    Thanks in advance



    is it safe to put some custom whitelisting commands in /etc/spamassassin/ or does this file gets regeneratetd automatically by i-MSCP and/or the SpamAssasin Plug-In?

    System: Debian Jessie, i-MSCP 1.3.16, SpamAssassin V1.1.1



    I would like to whitelist some mail addresses in PolicydWeight like described here:

    The problem is that the gets regenerated by i-MSCP so that I need to have a listener file to handle my customisation. Does anyone already have such a listener file and could giv it to me?

    Or are there perhaps any plans to extend this Plug-In to handle whitelisting in the GUI? That would really be great... :rolleyes:

    Thanks for your help