Looking for assistance with existing vServer, running i-MSCP

  • Hi there. My wife and I run a small vserver for our family, containing two separate IP numbers (one strictly for email) along with our 6 or 7 family owned domains. We used VHCS for quite awhile and switched to i-MSCP when VHCS became defunct. During the past 8+ years our server setups with Debian were always taken care of by our sysadmin who's also a friend of ours. We always paid for the 2 - 3 hours of work when she was done, but ever since last October she's suddenly missing in action. She travels globally for work so it's possible that she's just in another country, which wouldn't explain the total lack of communication though. We have no idea what's going on, haven't been able to locate or get in touch with her since last October (2019).

    Anyway, since about that time our i-MSCP has been having some odd and always similar issues that I can't correct since I'm not a sysadmin. Every time a change is made under a user or even the admin account ... Email added, FTP account deleted, Domain updated, Language changed, etc., the "Changes Pending" (or similar message) appears (always the same) ... and never goes away. Everything continues to work just fine on our end, FTP to the domains, Emails, Browser page accesses, etc. are all working. But when I log back into the panel a day or week or even a month later ... that twirling little symbol with the pending message is still there. I even tried switching browsers on our Linux (MX Linux & Linux Mint) setups, but nothing changed. That "changes pending" simply won't go away.

    We're looking for someone who's very familiar with i-MSCP, to troubleshoot and perhaps upgrade our i-MSCP setup. Auto Update has been enabled but always displays that no updates are available. I have absolutely no idea what's causing changes not to take effect and/or to have those never ending "pending" messages, but this is (hopefully) a minor problem that we'd really like to get resolved before we have our hardware upgraded on the same server later this year. The server techs already guaranteed us a 100% error free automated migration process with our current IP numbers with the existing Debian at the end of the year. We just want to make sure that our i-MSCP is running flawless and error free before the migration takes place.
    It would be awesome if someone experienced here has the ability and desire to assist.
    Greetings from Germany (Ich kann auch in Deutscher Sprache schreiben). ;)

    I changed the language to English a week go ...
    Changes in the image were made a month ago ...


  • If the server is still running Debian 7.0, not really great (in term of security and other stuff).

    Last release of i-MSCP doesn't handle officialy this version of Debian (Debian Jessie 8.x and Stretch 9.x)

    From my point of view, seeing this is either :

    - An orphan entry in the DB which may "stop" some process going further untill fixed

    - One or more services stopped.

    Could you first clarify your setup (as the Reporting rules - Reminder state) ?

    Else, check Nuxwin profile, you'll see his support plans prices.

    Personnaly, I'm not confident at all on looking your broken system even if I'm "pretty good" at it.

  • Thank you for the response.

    Well, I may not be a sysadmin, but I've been working long enough with various web-panels that I'm 99.9% certain the issues are not serious. But of course having said that, I was also paranoid about generating a server restart because if that .1% kicked into place, then I'd be in deep sht without some immediate outside help. That put me between a rock and a hard place during the past 6 months, while I was trying to locate our sysadmin and while I was trying to figure out the best manner in which to proceed. In 20 years this was indeed a first time, unique situation for me.

    Anyway, our current Debian and i-MSCP were all up to date as of October 2019. I was able to find someone who was able to troubleshoot the server and with whom I'll be working from now on since it has become evident that our previous sysadmin can no longer be relied upon.
    I'm curious, I've heard that i-MSCP may stop being an opensource freeware application?
    Do you know if there's any truth to that? Would be good to know in advance ....

    Greetings from Germany.