Creating a proftpd User Outside of I-MSCP

  • Hi !

    I use my root server beside the Webserver also as a Gameserver and the Gameservers are created as Users under Debian.

    so as Example I have a folder called /home/minecraft/

    And to get files into the user folder, till now I upload them to my web ftp folder and then download them from there with wget to the users folder...

    But I'm sure there is also a way to add a ftp user or the access to proftpd features with my minecraft user to up/download files directly into the right folders.... could someone give me a quick tutorial how to do it ?

  • Sorry I'm sure now it's in the wrong board... but seems like I can't move or delete it :/ I would have prefer to ask it over discord but didn't found an invite link for the discord server

  • ok ... it's always the same.. you search it for ages... and then you write a thread and shortly after you did.... you find your answer yourself ^^

    for the guys that may land in this thread and looking for the answer, it's here:

    FTP User ohne @ manuell anlegen

    In the last answer of nuxwin

  • BTW, you could just move the files when sshing into to the machine as root, or gain root via sudo (wheras I dislike using sudo for privilege escalation of user accounts).

  • yeah thats right, but I would need to navigate to the right folders, move the files, chown and so on... so a simple wget was easier in the most cases ^^ but now everything is fine... because my gameserver have their own ftp users now <3

  • Athar , that looks like spam... Probably not even human. His first post and half of it is about online games. :))