Could the LetsEncrypt plugin notify the sysadmin when a task is failing?

  • I have two question.

    1. It's not auto retry later when it's failed.

    2. It's need notification admin user when it's failed.

    I know sometimes network maybe too slow. But it's can auth when I manual force retry it's can auth it. It's not firewall block it. So I need notification admin user when it's failed.

    What log path do you want see?


    I've written a php file which leaves me the status for Let's Encrypt of each domain and every week sends me a report via email.

    So I know that I have to do something there.

    The file is called by CronJob every week.

    Here is the report from today.

    Kind regards


    - Distribution: Debian | Release: 8.10 | Codename: jessie

    - i-MSCP Version: i-MSCP 1.5.3 | Build: 20180516 | Codename: Ennio Morricone

    - Plugins installed: ClamAV (v. 1.3.0), Mailgraph (v 1.1.1), OpenDKIM (v 2.0.0), PanelRedirect (v 1.2.0) & SpamAssassin (v 2.0.1)

    - LetsEncrypt (v 3.5.0), PhpSwitcher (v 5.0.5), RoundcubePlugins (v 2.0.2)

  • Honestly, I can't see a good motivation (different from statistics) to write a special file in order to see the LetsEncrypt Domain Status.

    Let's Encrypt sends an e-mail to the administrator (you) every time a certificate isn't renewed (if I correctly remember, 9 days before expiration).

    Just wait for that e-mail and then act as needed…

    Edit: Let's Encrypt alert is sent 20 Days before expiration

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