Debian 8 > 9 update - MYSQL issue

  • going from Jessie to Stretch upgrade works fine however had an issue when i re-run the installer

    during the i-mscp install it finds no MySQL server and asks what to install maria/mysql - so would appear DB is lost during upgrade from 8 > 9

    just restore to a snap before an non-issue to get back to a working point but thought that was odd...

    wondering if there was something I messed up... but did the same thing three different times now..

    upgrade processes fine... and on other systems non-issue - this one... mysql portion of imscp-install asks for a root password and cannot find the database...

    so was thinking back in jessie how would I get the MySQL to upgrade from 5.5.62 > 5.7.x

    don't think I had this issue on a different identical system on a different network - just this older one...

    was just wonder if anyone had an idea or similar experience.

    reading through this similar thread, not far but reading if same case..

    MYSQL Issues after auto update

  • resolved / upgraded mysql using mysql repo to get to 5.7 version.

    haven't re-attempted upgrade to deb 9 but will give that a shot tomorrow.

    cd /usr/local/src


    dpkg -i mysql-apt-config_0.8.13-1_all.deb

    Set to 5.6 > later 5.7 > 8.0

    apt-get update

    apt list --upgradable

    apt-get autoclean

    apt-get install mysql-server
    used install because upgrade / dist-upgrade both kept it back even after cleaning.

    5.6 > 5.7 errors on dist-upgrade

    apt-get install mysql-server - Fixed and running as expected

    rebooting to verify still running after a reboot...

    and still going - so currently a little better and should survive an upgrade.

  • Upgrade from Deb 8 > 9 went smoothly after mysql was updated to 5.7 before upgrade.

    didn't re-run i-mscp - but plan to change default php version to 7.1 that way php 7.1 will be current.

    Know Devs are busy with next release and possible switcher updates, which are probably heavily tied to next release.

  • attempted PHP change to 7.1 after Deb 9 working and operational

    perl imscp-autoinstall --debug --reconfigure php

    asks which version - choose 7.1

    next asks for which SQL alternative - Choose 5.7 as that is what is running and operating on the system currently and not having any obvious issues.

    continues and processes - but then errors on DB setup.

    Error was:

    can't connect to MySQL on '127....' (111 connection refused)

    imscp-1.5.3-2018120800/engine/PerlLib/iMSCP/Database/ line 101. propagated at ..../ line 106

    not sure if that helps but figured I'd post just so it can be documented somewhere.

    restore to snap before running reconfigure... know I'm missing something related to the mysql install / setup somewhere.

  • Cannot say without investingation your server.


  • what would a good error or log be for your to see?

    I'll attempt to add your key to my ssh and pm you an IP for it

    is a slow box but works - should just abandon it and move the data - have just been lazy only a few things left on it.

  • I have your key added - just not sure where best place to send IP is for that server.

    but either way not major.

    Through privage messaging... Our site is secure.