MYSQL Issues after auto update

  • Hello all,

    After the auto update of the packages on a Debian 9 the Postfix/Dovecot were unable to connect to Mysql.

    The server had installed MariaDB 10.2 and after the auto update it had 10.1. I've tried to use the same database files but with no luck so I've manualy reinstalled MariaDB 10.2.

    Now I want to reconfigure Imscp 1.5.3 with the auto_installer but I get the following errors:

    What is the correct way to reset/reconfigure the Mysql part in Imscp 1.5.3

  • Try "/var/www/imscp/engine/setup/imscp-reconfigure -r sql" or "/var/www/imscp/engine/setup/imscp-reconfigure -r sqlmanager", but before doing that make sure that all required packages are installed.

    Have a nice day. :)

  • The server had installed MariaDB 10.2 and after the auto update it had 10.1

    Impossible, unless you forced such downgrade...


  • The error received when I try to reconfigure the mysql is shown because of the missing "libdbd-mysql-perl" package.

    If I manualy install that package and the dependency "libmariadbclient18" it will auto remove the "libmariadb3, mariadb-client-10.2, mariadb-client-core-10.2". To manualy install mariadb, I have to install about 12 packages, the dependencies of some of the packages depend on 10.1, so I ended up in a vicious circle in which I don't know how to get out, that's why I asked if there is a way to clean install all the requirements regarding mysql? all the rest of the services work just fine.

    For the time being I just give up on reconfiguring the server as now is not used anymore, migrated on another hosting.

  • Similar issue -

    something during upgrade from Deb 8 > 9 is removing mysql 5.5.x

    so when I re-run imscp installer just to make sure all is working - it cannot find a mysql server and asks what to use....
    usually re-run installer after upgrades just to recheck dependencies and typically works well.

    find or log in / connect to mysql because it doesn't exist - I'm pretty sure.

    seems to be more an issue with Debian Upgrade path from older Jessie to Stretch and a newer issue, because did other upgrades last year with no issue for imscp idential host.

    Figure its something I'm doing wrong, which is highly likely

  • appears to be related to this....

    My fix is probably in there ... reading.

    updated mysql via mysql repo - and looks a little better will see if works.

    was going to go same was as OP and just reload - but for now just seeing if i can fix..
    not many sites on it so not major at all!

    Debian 8 > 9 update - MYSQL issue

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