Dovecot how to reduce load - optimization?

  • - IMSCP: 1.5.3 (latest)

    - Distribution: Debian 9

    - Proftpd

    - PHP FPM

    - MariaDB 10.1

    - Dovecot

    - Roundcube

    - Web2FTP

    - Plugins:

    PMA Captcha, RoundCubePlugins, SpamAssassin , LetsEncrypt, PHPswitcher, ClamAV

    currently dovecot seems to be producing a heavy load ... too many connections and processes

    is there a recommendation how to optimize it f.ex. lowering imap_hibernate_timeout

    which files do I have to edit?

    I'm not really an expert with dovecot configuration.

  • Hi

    I use theese values - in the /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf (at the end...)

    with theese values I have less problems than before... server with lots of mail users...


  • Exactly why in next version, those parameters will be part of core ;)…dovecot/…bian/dovecot/dovecot.conf