Postmaster forward address change?

  • How can I change standard mail account (postmaster, webmaster, abuse) forwarding address?

    I cannot find any option to do this!

    Thank you in advance


    i-MSCP 1.5.1 + patches - debian stretch (latest) - DebugBar 1.1.2 - LetsEncrypt 3.5.0 - Mailman 2.0.4 - RoundcubePlugins 2.0.1

  • You can change that in the Admin/User Panel from i-MSCP.

    Simply log into the account you want the mails to be changed. Select the mail tab und press the "show default mail addresses" or similar button. That one is located at the bottom from the listed mail addresses.

    After you pressed that button (or enabled that function be default), you should see the postmaster/webmaster/abuse/hostmaster address.

    In the default settings, the default mail addresses are forwarded to your accounts mail address (the one was used to registere the account in the CP).

    Edit: Just noticed you cant change the mail from there, you can just look it up. Anyways, the default addresses are forwarded to the mail which was used the register the account.

    I do think its possible to change the mail for one account (besides changing the associated mail for you account). But that would require running a script or a sql command (not sure about it).

    Sorry. :blush::-/

    Have a nice day. :)

  • He need first go to admin level (settings interface) and change the settings to allow default accounts edition. Once done, he can change the default accounts as you said ;)


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