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    Hmm, evtl musst du zuerst auch den sieve-support im plugin aktivieren. Der ist standardmäßig nicht aktiv. Ich vergaß es zu erwähnen :shy:


    Hmm, I found the real reason of my "Incomplete authorizations".

    Sort of user error :S

    My fail2ban banned a range of IPs which included Letsencrypt server too ?(:cursing:

    So updates doesn't finish successfully.

    Just to give an example on NOT "How to do it". My fault.

    Ooops, it happened again.
    I got expiration notice mails from Letsencrypt for two domains.
    I inspected it showing same message "Incomplete authorizations"!

    It stayed for several days, so i suspect i-mscp plugin is not handling further LE updates!
    After I pressed the Button "Status von diesem Posten für einen neuen Versuch ändern" the message switched to OK.
    In the moment, everything is clean. Stay tuned...


    After the last refresh of my panel certificate I got this message in i-mscp debug:
    LetsEncrypt ( Status von diesem Posten für einen neuen Versuch ändern Incomplete authorizations

    for several domains.
    In Domain/Letsencrypt I see the same!

    It looks like a warning, not an error :-)
    might it be because of that new feature *cert which requires dns type:

    The main problem is: the buttons revoke or settings are missing then! ?(