Unexpected exception raised when sending circular through reseller UI

  • Hi,

    ich habe heute Debian Wheezy auf Jessie und I-MSCP 1.2.17 auf 1.5.3 geupdated. Leider laufen die Rundmails nicht mehr und ich erhalte folgende Fehlemeldung, egal ob Reseller oder Endkunde:


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  • Did you get any exception report in email, or do you have logging for this?
    We need logging information to figure out what's going on.

    This is a bug in circular feature which has been fixed. The fix will be available in next version.

    See https://youtrack.i-mscp.net/issue/IP-1815

    BTW: This has nothing to do with roundcube.


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  • Hello Nuxwin,

    I have the same problem in version 1.5.3.

    And if I‘m right the fix is implemented in the version 1.6.

    Is there a possibility to fix it, by updating some files, in 1.5.3 as well?



  • Yes, the fixes from the 1.6.x branch were already backported in the 1.5.x branch but that last is currently broken due to heavy development. However the fixes should be pretty easy to backport manually:

    1. Edit the /var/www/imscp/gui/public/admin/circular.php action script, then backport the fixes: https://github.com/i-MSCP/imsc…3c894e1e0573f7d22cb978101
    2. Edit the /var/www/imscp/gui/public/reseller/circular.php action script, then backport the fixes: https://github.com/i-MSCP/imsc…3d3a698c27a65dc4a24064a35

    Basically put, the column aliases were missing... Once you made the changes, don't forget to restart the imscp_panel service, else your changes won't be taken into consideration.

    In the hope that my explanations are clear enough ;)