Disabling quota/client size calculation

  • Hello,

    On my servers, I have one client who has almost 1TB of things on his account, and it is located on standalone i-MSCP instance on dedicated server which is running on LXC. I do not care about size of his services, because it is limited by total size of container size.

    Can I disable somehow daily calculation of account size? I don't really care about it, but this is doing things on server every night, which is automatically making my server less responsible, while it is on HDD.

    Thank you!

  • Excuse me, my English, I only speak Spanish

    You can comment on the cron lines that i-mscp performs

    these lines are on the route


    Remember after making the changes restart the service

    Remember after updating your panel to other later versions you must repeat the process, your cron file returns to its primary state


  • kurgans

    Thank for you answer. This is the correct answer.



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