Lets Encrypt Panel Certificate renew

  • Ive already found this, but i can´t see wat is related to me.

    If your SSL certificates are not renewed automatically, this mean that there is a problem somewhere which prevent them to be renewed. In the link I given you, the reasons for a SSL certificate not being automatically renewed are clearly exposed.

    In the cron job that is responsible to renew the SSL certificates, there is a check made on the SQL service. if the service is reported as inactive, the job will abort early and thus, the SSL certificates will not be renewed. So the question now is: Why the SQL service would be reported as inactive while it is effectively active? The answer to this question is also provided in the link I given you:

    • If you're using a remote SQL server, the SQL service will be always reported as inactive because there is no SQL server installed locally. That is a bug in the current LetsEncrypt plugin version which will be fixed in the next version.
    • If you use the MariaDB server, the SQL service will be reported as inactive due to a bug in systemd.

    So now what? Before being able to answer you further, I need to know if you're using a remote SQL server, otherwise, I need to know your SQL server vendor and version.


  • @schirmuli

    Well, without having a closer look at the server, I can't say anything. Think I'm not a magician. If you have currently some Let's Encrypt SSL certificates (managed by the plugin) that are about to expire, you can always try to execute the cron task manually, providing us with the full output:

    As root user:

    1. perl /var/www/imscp/gui/plugins/letsencrypt/cronjobs/renew.pl -dv

    Also please, show us the actual content of your /etc/cron.d/imscp file.


  • Ok, the perl script worked like a Charm, all Certs are up to date now
    Unfortunately ive flushed the output but i think it isnt necessary because it seems like cron did not work correctly, i have to investigate this.

    Maybe you are not an magician, but today you always put me in the right direction!

    Is there any way for an Donation without Credit Card??

    Today you are my hero!!

  • You're welcome.

    Well, for the donation, you can do via paypal: epayments@i-mscp.net, or in last resort, I can provide you with my IBAN ;)