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    one of my Customers need a new PHP Version for his project.

    I buyed PHPSwitcher but i diddnt realize that i can not use it with >7.1.

    Is there any Way to use 7.2 or 7.3 from the Repository (Ubuntu 14.04) and setup it manualy?

    Thanks for your replys!


    i had to make Changes in several mysql Databeses so i want to login with the root User to my PMA.

    Ive checked the following threads:


    I´am also able to login on Console to mysql from an non privileged user without using sudo.

    Maybe i had to change something else?

    I-MSCP 1.5.1
    Ubuntu 16.04
    No special setup, clean Install!

    Thanks for any reply!

    Ok, the perl script worked like a Charm, all Certs are up to date now
    Unfortunately ive flushed the output but i think it isnt necessary because it seems like cron did not work correctly, i have to investigate this.

    Maybe you are not an magician, but today you always put me in the right direction!

    Is there any way for an Donation without Credit Card??

    Today you are my hero!!

    So.... shame on me!

    Ive deleted the Files in /etc/imscp and /etc/letsencrypt and retried ->SUCCESS

    The only thing i had to do is create emty files in /etc/imscp elsewise the Plugin runs in an error for Backup the old Certs.

    i thougt the error is comming from the mess i made, so i asked in my 3rd Post how to start over.

    Thank you for your patience!!!!

    I Checked the Cert the way you told me, this is the result:

    Quote from Nuxwin

    No. the i-MSCP Let's Encrypt plugin do not make use of symlinks pointing to files from the /etc/letsencrypt directory. It generate it own PEM that contain the key, intermediate certificates and the certificate itself.

    At the initial Setup i used self signed Certificates, those Certs where stored in /etc/imscp.
    Later i use Certs from letsencrypt who fetched manually, and they stored in /etc/letsencrypt/live/dom.tld/..

    To keep it easy ive linked the Certs from /etc/letsencrypt/dom.tld to /etc/imscp.

    After i installed the letsencrypt Plugin i fetched new Certs with the Plugin for testing and it worked very well so i believed its ok.

    Again, thank you very much!!!