PROFTPD Slow // Alternative

  • Dear Community,

    I have already seen that the situation that proftpd is a little bit slow in up download and login is well known. Some people recommend to use another service. Do you have any easy performance tweaks for me?

    If not: is it very easy to install and use another FTP service?

    DEBian Jessie 64
    IMSCP 1.3.15

    Thank You

  • @Moonraker136

    1. root@jessie:/usr/local/src/imscp# perl imscp-autoinstall -hUsage: perl imscp-autoinstall [OPTION]...-b, --build-onlyProcess build steps only.-f, --force-reinstall Force reinstallation of distro packages.-s, --skip-distro-packages Do not install/update distro packages.-a, --skip-package-update Skip i-MSCP packages update.-c, --clean-package-cache Cleanup i-MSCP package cache.-d, --debug Force debug mode.-h,-? --helpShow this help.-l, --listener <file> Path to listener file.-n, --nopromptSwitch to non-interactive mode.-p, --preseed <file> Path to preseed file.-r, --reconfigure [item] Type `help` for list of allowed items.-v --verboseEnable verbose mode.-x, --fix-permissions Fix permissions recursively.


  • do I have to fix permissions after this process? Because all ftp accounts had to be renewed etc.

    You have nothing to do other than running the command we given you.

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