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    Its more than sad to read what happened to this project here. and yes i would recommend ispconfig as well. The way of nuxwin treading this community is not good at all. such a big project especially after 2 years of missing updates should have at least a good communication and some information spread to the community. actually i remember what goover once said and it seems that he was right years ago already.

    dont get me wrong this was a great project and a wonderful community and i thank everyone and also nuxwin for the support and the software itself over the last years but lately it went in the totally wrong direction

    This is the mail content, and there are a few similar mails every day

    I do get a lot of "undelivered mail returned to sender"

    First I thought it might be a compromised php website and I catched all the phpmails, but they havent been the issue.

    1. 20.5. 18:02 was the outgouing mail
    2. Final-Recipient: rfc822; [email protected]
    3. Original-Recipient: rfc822;[email protected]
    4. Action: failed
    5. Status: 5.1.1
    6. Remote-MTA: dns;
    7. Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 550 5.1.1 <[email protected]>: Recipient address
    8. rejected: User unknown

    it might also be possible that I only get rebounds of the mailservers who doesnt check rdns and think that for example is one of my servers

    Hallo ihr Lieben, könnt ihr mir wohl helfen? Ich denke mein Server wurde gehackt, aber ich weiß nicht so ganz wie und was ich jetzt machen kann.

    Debian 8