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    I know that the answer is normally: It is done when it is done, but maybe you could give me a timerange in weeks when I can expect the new Boxbilling Plugin?

    Obviously I like to change some running conditions on my server like webftp and webmail :) so my question ist: Is Clamav and SPamassassin Plugin working fine with Rainloop and the spam folder in Rainloops?

    I just read the requirements for spamassassins seems only to work with roundcube?!

    I have spent some time on the web but found not that much information:

    Which Webftp would you recommend. For sure it depends probably on the aim.... I got that net2ftp is one of the lightest. Monsta seems to have many functions so I ask if it is maybe not that performant.

    And pydio alias Ajaxexplorer I dont know. I only used Net2ftp up to now and it was not that overwhelming but probably you have much more experience with that :))

    thx, unfortunately i do not really know how to override the packages.

    my $DISTRO_PACKAGES_FILE = '/path/to/your/own/package/file';

    in this line i insert the xml file and after?

    I have found plenty of different suggestions in the big world wide web. What woukd you recommend: SSH Port 22 or another port and why?