LetsEncrypt and Mailman

  • I would like to request a feature for Letsencrypt to be able to issue certs for mailing lists with a click of the button.
    Thanks very much and happy holidays ...

    Operation Encrypt the web underway ... 8)

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  • @texxasrulez

    As I remember, that is not really possible with current version of mailman to have some mailing list over https while some other not.


  • The address to the list is always list.domain.tld/

    The problem doesn't comes from the domains.... The problem is the mailman configuration that don't allows setting up templating URL on a per domain basis (here, I'm talking SCHEME in URL), meaning that you have either https or http for all lists but not some with http and others with https. I could add an option in mailman plugin to turn SSL on for all lists (when the LetsEncrypt plugin is present). I'll see how I can handle that when I'll find time.


  • For me it would be ok if it is one static address for all lists (choosable would be great :-))

    If you start working on that - feel free to contact me e.g. for testing

  • For me it would be ok if it is one static address for all lists

    For you maybe but that plugin can be used by differents customers with differents domains. I'll not change the current setup layout.