spam scrore for forwarding address

  • Hi guys

    I have the following situation and dont know if its a bug or if i missed something out:

    • I setup spamassassin with a global score of 5
    • for one email address [email protected] I set a lower score of 4 via Roundcube (confirmed set in DB)
    • now I have a catch all for domain which is forwarded to [email protected]
    • emails from this catch all address are still having a spam threshold of 5

    Is this behavior correct as I havent made a manual entry for this domain in the imscp_spamassassin database? If yes that means for "inner server" mail transport there is no SA active?

    Debian 8.5
    imscp 1.3.0
    Spamassassin plugin 1.1.0
    other plugins: ClamAV, Mailgraph, OpenDKIM, Panel Redirect, Postscreen, Roundcube, SA

  • Hello,

    What is the showed threshold when you send a mail directly to [email protected]?


  • @timtatam

    Well, if you think a bit more, you'll understand that there is no bug. You've set the score through roundcube for the [email protected] email address. If you send a mail to that adress, all is ok. The problem is when you sent a mail to any other recipient that are part of the catchall. For those recipient,s there is no score set. I think that SpamAssassin acts early in the process.


  • Ok, that means SA is checking the email only once when it is received from "external" not while forwarding internally. Correct?

    In that case it is necessary to add a domain wide (required_score) entry into the SA userpref table? For my case that should be

  • yes. the behaviour is right, spamassassin sets the spam score on incoming smtp, not on internal traffic (local delivery, outgoing smtp traffic). so the spam score of your catchall delivery is set on incoming smtp traffic to the original recipient, while on forwarding it is not changed anymore.
    indeed, you can set spamassassin to do also local and outgoing traffic filtering, but this is outside of the current plugin spectrum.