Cannot install 1.3.x when system time is wrong

  • @hwutti

    Thank you for your feedback. When you say "system Time was wrong", what you mean exactly? I would add something to detect such a case and show an error warning instead or aborting without further information.


  • Hi,

    I'm working with VMware ESXi and when you switch between the Snapshot's the time and Date stay's on Snapshottime.

    No error message was displayed and also in Log file nothing was shown.

    Br. Wutti

  • @hwutti

    Ok, I'll investigate that issue ;)


  • I have exact the same problem. As soon as I confirm the default database name imscp the installation stops without any further message.

    It is a complete fresh install on a fresh ubuntu 16.04 server

    The log file says

    1. Do you want use a prefix or suffix for customer'\''s SQL databases?
    2. \Z4Infront:\Zn A numeric prefix such as '\''1_'\'' will be added to each customer
    3. SQL user and database name.
    4. \Z4Behind:\Zn A numeric suffix such as '\''_1'\'' will be added to each customer
    5. SQL user and database name.
    6. \Z4None\Zn: Choice will be let to customer.
    7. ' 14 70 3 infront '' off behind '' off none '' on
    8. [Tue Jun 28 18:31:03 2016] [debug] iMSCP::Execute::getExitCode: Command exited with value: 255

    Exit code 255 ... what does this mean?
    Thanks in advance for any tips.

    p.s. found the solution in this thread ... I had to make my window with the dialog box bigger
    Problems with installation

    i-MSCP 1.5.3 | Ubuntu 18.04

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  • A fix has been added in the 1.3.x branch. See…1985733a857940c40cb571297
    This fix will be part of version 1.3.1

    Thank you for your report.