Email not receiving

  • Hi friends, I have next problem:
    I can create some mailbox for some domain for exam:
    I use roundcupe web app, I go into in the mail account and send mail to my e-mail. I receive it and reply, but not receive reply mail in roundcube mail acount and in my account i receive mail form MAILOR DAMEND who tell don't have mail account who I create in I-mscp under the domain.

    Or in brief

    I-mscp mail account
    send mails to other mailboxes -yes
    receive mails from other mailboxes - no

    other mailboxes
    send to i-mscp mail account - no
    receive from i-mscp mail account - yes

  • @Lubaka

    Without further information, nobody will be able to help here:

    • Distro, codename?
    • i-MSCP version?
    • Plugin(s) in use?
    • Any exotic change from your side in POP/IMAP/SMTP configuration?
    • Postfix log? (/var/log/mail.log) ?


  • Shortly; yes. Technical MIGHT receive your message.
    If somebody, let's say, is sending a mail to e.g., will lookup the MX-Record in the DNS-Entry of to get the corresponding IP address to be able to send the message.
    So, if your DNS is configured wrong you won't be able to receive messages because nobody can figure out the correct IP of your mailserver. But you will be able to send messages to foreign addresses as long as they have correct DNS settings.
    Nevertheless there is a chance that the foreign mailserver rejects your message when the IP you're sending from and that in your MX record are different. That's because the foreign server cannot verify that you're the legit source of the message (SPAM-/Phishing-Protection).

  • Hi,

    you can easily check if the DNS settings are correct:

    Go to:

    input your mail address (you call it the "") and click "mail Test" - Than run the test and have a look at the MX servers at the very beginning!

    At your gmail account click on the message, click the down arrow on the right, next to reply, select show original message

    Hopefully you can understand what is coming next ;-)

    Line No. 7 should have something like this:

    Received: from ( [155.22.300.300])If there is only the ip, google was not able to resolve it and therefor you will not get any messages from gmail ;-)

  • Code
    1. Validation resultserror: Recipient rejectedcanonical address: <>MX recordspreference exchange IP address (if included)0 []


  • There are two different mail addresses (btw - send your real IPs and domains and mail addresses ONLY via PM!)

    the one with which points to a bgdns server (is this yours?) can not be verified as there are too many errors... but comes from a marksys.... server -> I think DNS problem!

    the second with marksys... which points to a server with the IP address starting with 164.138.... (is this yours?) that is not working as the mail address is not enabled there.

    So in short: the mx is not set to the outgoing server - so you cannot receive mails using mail addresses.
    Change your DNS Settings!

    send me your real server ip via pm.
    If you want I can help you with it. set me some kind of admin or reseller account on your server and I will have a look.

    PS.: delete the personal details from your message!!!!