Installation Problem

  • @Azura

    just do:

    1. # aptitude update && aptitude install cron

    Once done, rerun i-MSCP installer.

    @Athar The problem here is due to the fact that some vps debian image doesn't comes with cron by default. That explain why in the INSTALL file we say:

    1. ...
    2. 2. Install the pre-required packages
    3. # apt-get update && apt-get install whiptail tasksel
    4. # tasksel install standard
    5. ...

    Then, by doing that, the cron package is automatically installed. However, there is still some problems with some Debian Jessie based vps because systemd is not fully supported (eg: openvz containers). That explain why on those containers, Upstart is installed instead. Here the solution is simply to install the cron package manually instead of running the tasksel command which will fail due to dependencies problems (systemd vs upstart).