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    Someone had an idea how to set only a certain user to use version 7.3

    The client uses WordPress, and some plugins require it to have version 7.3

    Any suggestion ?


    One on my client have a custom php system(on other server works), but when he upload his system in my server, he got that error 500.

    i read about that error but everything it`s ok about the php setting.

    Any idea how can i fix it?

    OS:Ubuntu 18.04

    I-MSCP: 1.5.3(201812800)

    Plugins: None


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    I have this scenario:

    1. I make a backup for /var/www/virtual/ , /var/mail/virtual, /var/imscp/

    2. I dump all databases in mysql .

    3. I new server with the same OS i do new installation of 1.5.3, after then i move back everything again

    4. Import of all databases in mysql

    5. I Back everything from the backup ->/var/www/virtual/, /var/mail/virtual/, /var/imscp/

    6. And last step i do

    1. /var/www/imscp/engine/setup/imscp-reconfigure --reconfigure

    But i get this error in :

    1. [ERROR] │
    2. │ │
    3. │ Error while performing step: │
    4. │ │
    5. │ Processing servers/packages │
    6. │ │
    7. │ Error was: │
    8. │ │
    9. │ iMSCP::SystemUser::addSystemUser: usermod: user 'vu2000' already exists

    Any idea how to fix this or step to restore my date from old server ?

    OS: Ubuntu 18.04


    Yesterday I noticed that when I upload something to the server with an external program, the upload speed is 50kb.

    Any ideas on how to change the speed at high speed without breaking anything in the control panel?

    OS = Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS Bionic

    I-MSCP V. = 1.5.3

    Build = 2018120800

    Plugins = LetsEncrypt , SpamAssassin, PostGrey, Monitorix

    Nuxwin ,

    yeah now everything it`s ok but now i get another error

    1. [ERROR] main::setupDbTasks: Modules::ServerIP::add: Can't call method "getAddrVersion" on an undefined value at /usr/local/src/imscp-1.5.x/engine/PerlLib/iMSCP/Provider/Networking/Persistence/ line 134.
    2. ...propagated at /usr/local/src/imscp-1.5.x/engine/PerlLib/iMSCP/ line 496.
    3. [ERROR] autoinstaller::Functions::install: An error occurred while performing installation steps