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    Hello everybody,

    I have a new issue, I recently moved some domains from an old ispCP server to a new i-MSCP server 1.5.3.

    One of the domains I moved had an A redirect to an external IP in the "Add DNS Resource record" section.

    Ex: @ in A -> External IP

    The problem is that i-MSCP also adds the server IP to the A hosts, resulting in :

    When it *SHOULD* be just 1 IP in A (the external one) So, the virtual/htdocs is empty because it's supposed to redirect, and the customer gets an error.

    My Question, how can I prevent i-MSCP to add into BIND it's own IP and just leave what I set in DNS Resource Record.

    The server acts as a Master Bind server linked to 2 slave servers which are set to control all customer domains. (Ex: in and and master i-MSCP NS is and slaves ns1&ns2)

    I also experienced the same problem when I moved the main domain for the panels from one of the slave servers to another, it kept adding a record with another A ip to, resulting in some errors for customers, i had to copy all the records from the slave NS servers to the customer server where i just copied the domain.

    Also, another question related to BIND, what is the correct syntax to add secondary NS servers to /etc/imscp/bind/ and how do I make i-MSCP implement the new settings in named.conf.local after adding / removing a NS. i tried ip,ip - ip;ip - ip ip, nothing seems to work, i still had to manually change each zone in named.conf.local in order to transfer the zones to the slaves.


    crafter don't worry, i changed both the domain name and some random characters in the password string(s)

    I've already read that post, i understood some parts of it but not totaly, and i'm a bit afraid to test it on production servers and break something.

    Good evening,

    As suggested by crafter best would be to create an importer script which would fetch accounts from the old database and insert them into the new database. This require to make the old database reacheable from TCP for a while and run the script from the new server. Basically put, you need mimic the i-MSCP behavior for mail account creation.

    Note that doing such a work through PhpMyAdmin is really not recommended.

    I'm not afraid to admit that creating such a script and actually not f***ing up both installations is a bit above my technical skills, anyone care to help me with this ? For a fair price of course, nothing good in this world is free ^^

    Hello everybody,

    I have an old ispCP installation with only one domain left on it, and that domain only has e-mail hosting.

    The problem is, there are 2376 :huh: e-mail accounts on that domain, moving them manually would be a nightmare.

    I was thinking if it's somehow possible to export manually from phpMyAdmin the table with only the e-mail accounts and forwards from this domain, and than importing them into the other i-MSCP phpMyAdmin.

    I already have the unencrypted passwords for all the accounts (i found a nice script that extracts them from the db)

    Of course it would be nice if i could also export the passwords, but if that's not possible at least some method to copy those accounts all at once and not manually adding each one would be great!

    I've read about using incremental values in SQL when importing a table but i'm not really sure that it won't conflict with e-mail ID's already present on the server where I want to move the domain, that server also has 2500+ e-mail addresses.

    As you can see below, I have mail_id ranging from 3 to 4700. Maybe i could change those values with a SQL command to replace all of them with an incremental value starting with the last value from the i-MSCP installation ? Just asking.

    Any solution, I really mean, ANY solution would be great!

    Thank you!

    Hello guys,

    I'm importing some E-mail accounts from an old installation and some of the passwords are weaker.

    If i try to set the old password i-MSCP is giving an error that the "Password must contain letters and numbers".

    Is there anyway in the i-MSCP settings to disable this and allow the weak passwords ?!

    I have another server with 1.5.3 on which I can set a weak password without problem so there must be some settings that differ between the server that allows weak passwords and the server that doesn't, both run on the latest 1.5.3 version.

    I tried to look in /etc/impsc/imscp.conf and search the forums but couldn't find any mention.

    Normally I would tell users to just update the passwords to more complex ones, but I have a few cases with customers who are unable to do that, so I must use the old passwords when I move the domain. (at least for now)