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    I had a server crash and I reinstalled whole I-mscp. I didn't had sql save from the imscp tables so i recreated all customers. Now my server and customers are Ok, but I want to rewrite the domain (user) created date in the new i-mscp for the orignal create dates, but I see this format in the sql database: 1376010746 how can i retrieve date from this and how can i write my necessary date in this format.

    I hope someone can help me.

    I have one user who use my server for FTP. i dont know why (maybe user fault) but called me he cant see anthing in his account. Ajaxplrer said: No active repository found for user! But worked for a few weeks. If i create new user and select the specified folder, evrything OK, but i dont want to create new user evry time when Ajaxplorer goes wrong... Can someon help me how can i check or see where stored user rights, or repository connect for user?

    Thank you

    I think nice to have, if the customer can manage what FTP user what can doing in i-MSCP example: create ftp user what can only read, read and write, or only write.....


    Please stop the "discussion"! This forum is not thought for bashing. gabesz86 next time please post more information. Because of your answer to gabesz86 you got a warning. I think that's more than understandable.

    Ok I understand, but I don't understand biologist why can't answer similar: "the smtp.domain.tld and po3.domain.tld should to work, please check your Outlook setup again"

    I think this is the normal forum post/answer, and not what him answered. Why posted reply, If he knows him answer not useful and only Off, the thread.....

    I really hope this is a joke!

    Thanks your answer F*cking IDIOT!!!!!

    I think microsoft software has problems with some default protocols. Are you using courier? Because my sis and mother have got an lumia smartphone and similar problems. After updating to dovecot the connection worked perfectly. I think it's because of the authentification method...

    PS: I would recommend to use imap :D
    PS²: As user you have to use the full email-address, not only the username..

    I'm using dovecot. The default pop3 port was wrong in Outlook or I typed something wrong :) . The smtp worked well, now the pop3 too.

    Thank you


    Someone can tell me, how can I use my I-mscp with outlook??? :) I'd like to use Outlook with pop3 setup.

    I tried to pop3.domain.tld and smtp.domain.tld but didn't work :(

    Thank you very much!

    Not for User's you're right, but i don't know any Server which have unlimited HDD Space ^^ :D

    ANd they we are back at this point Nuxwin Explained ;)

    Cheapest way buying more hdd than build and host backup server :P And one thing: why you aren't let users choose what would like to build in or ask you/nuxwin build in i-mscp and why you close your mind when user advise something "new". The multiple backup feature make less work for host admins and make more "safe" hosting. Evrey user can make their own decision want to use/not use this function if you/nuxwin build in this program.

    I opening a suppor ticket if I see any chance to implement this feature, but I know you don't wan to implemet this....

    I'm very sad...

    Otherwise, all my respect yours! Amazing what you doing with this cool program. I hope what I wrote did not violate you or nuxwin.

    Yeah you are right Nuxwin, but if you copy the backups in an external directory outside the domin or www folder the backups not make any trouble.

    Example: in admin interface you setup a backup dir path where store all domains backup (only what older then one day) and setup the back dir size quota and setup how many days want to kepp bakups. If you reached the quota the system send a warning massege. First option: increase the backup quota limit Second option delete some files...

    ex: /var/www/backups ->


    Now you can easly manage all domain backups without any size/quota troble for users :P and evry admin can setup how many backups want to store in this folder (size)