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    Hello :)

    My server was cracked and my domains files was infected with malicious scripts. I'm working from my home, I'm the only server admin but someone could crack my ftp or mysql "server". I don't know how but stole the ftp passwords.

    I'm using fail2ban for secure my server. I seen the log and no one try to hack my ftp, so the problem come from another way...

    Can someone help me how can I restrict the ftp login from foreign country? In proftpd config I setting up AllowForeignAddress off, but I don't know this help me...

    I'm using i-MSCP 1.1.0-beta2, phpmyadmin 3.5.3, ProFTPD 1.3.4a

    Ps. In i-MSCP config I restricted the login from foreign country for admin/reseller/user..

    Thanks everyone who can help me...

    anarking can u share me how can you do it? :) I want to similar your solution. Or myabe i will make it with cron jobs if anyone help me.

    1. Admin can allow reseller to activate backup on demand option for their resellers
    2. Reseller can activate backup on demand for their customer and specifies how many demand they can trigger per day?

    Of course, we still have daily backup (one per day).

    Nuxwin I want to daily backup too, I just want to keep them couple days like the i-MSCP config backups. If i-MSCP config backup system know what I want, I don't understand some people why told me "this is a big job". Ok I know some of my Idea a part of a bigger job, but NOW I will be happy if I keep daily backup more than 24hour. I have no time to save every customer backup data to my computer evry day. I think easier keep backups more than 24 hour. :D If need more space, I will growing they disk limit. :D

    Oh my God! What are you talking about????????? i-MSCP can backup whole domain or only sql. I want to just keep the backup file more than one day,


    After the 8th days rewrite the first backup like: <-this is what first rewrite

    The user (if necessarry) can choose from the drop down list, what date want to restore. Example te user choose the:

    This isn't policy or module question. i-MSCP can be make multiple backups from ther own files, just check the /var/www/imscp/backups folder I wnat to make multiple backup from the domains too.

    Do you understand??????? :D

    Describe it please clearly. You can enable daily backups for all of your clients.

    Ok. so I want to if I have more than one backup per domain. Now every day the i-MSCP rewrite the daily backup at midngiht. If I can set example make backups 7 days or just 4 days etc. and after "7 "days rewrite the "first" backup and I can choose what day what I'd like to restore, this help to make more professional backup system. In the /var/www/imscp/backups I have more than 15 backups. The i-MSCP made more than one backup (one backup/day), this is what I want to for domains.

    The admin/reseller (the admin setup max how many days enable for backup, but the reseller can decide how many days what he want to use. Exmaple the admin enable 7days, the reseller setup and use only 4days backup. This is good, becuse the admin can limit the backups, the reseller is choose how many space wan to use too.) choose how many days what they wan to backup, te customer can choose what date want to restore... :)

    I think this is neceassary beacuse I have lot of costumers. If attack ther site example spam messages or anything else and they alert me more than one day the backup contain the spammed site... This was just an example, but whatever may.. :)

    I'd like to ask, one admin feature. I hope you can make it easy. I would like if i could setup on admin/reseller panel and make multiple daily backups from domains like the multiple i-MSCP config backups.


    :) I'm sorry. I don't want to pressure on the developer team. I will wait, but I want to donate in the feuture. :) This program saved my life, and saved me from lot of cost. I think this is the minimum ;)


    Anyone know when this feature will be available? I need this feature, I don't want to lost customers because I don't service cron task for them.. Please help me :$

    I love i-MSCP. This is very cool control panel.

    About admin login, I'll add support for it. Still that we must decide if only the first admin (iMSCP) should be able to connect to AjaXplorer as Admin or if we should provide a way to set the AjaxPlorer admin via iMSCP GUI. The second seem a better solution for me. What do you think about it?

    BTW: as for PhpMyAdmin, I'll add automatic setup of language based on user panel language when connecting to AjaXPlorer via GUI. I've sniffed the XHR request made by AjaXplorer in background when changing language via its interface and it's not really difficult to integrate it in the iMSCP AjaXplorer authentication script. I'll do that request after the user it is connected and just before it is redirected to AjaXPlorer.

    I'm woting the second option too. It wolud be greatful if you make this. I need admin login too, and I spent many hour to fint out how to re-enable admin without succes.. :( When excepted this release? Can you include git master asap? :O



    How can I add new theme for i-mscp? I want to make my own skin and I'm not understand how can I add my css file to the current list.